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Telecom is what we do...

Telecommunications technologies are changing at their fastest pace ever. - Mercado Consulting offers independent mobile and wireless consulting services from technology strategy to system analysis and design in Broadband, Enterprise, WiFi, 3G/4G, HSPA/CDMA/LTE technologies.

Experience to get the job done - our team of telecom experts has extensive knowledge and experience in advanced telecom consulting that allows us to fully understand technology, market, product, and business issues for our global clientele.

Program Management

From a full network deployment to daily maintenance. We will manage your workforce, timelines, and costs.

Management Consulting

We can help getting you team up to speed and focused on what is really important in order to achieve you goals.

Competitive Analysis

Know where you stand in your market and where are the areas of opportunities.

Network Optimization

Ensure that your network is working at top efficiency and providing the best service to your customers.

Consulting Management Team

Fred Mercado
Management Consulting
Frank Bell
Strategy Consulting
John Vetter
Engineering Consulting
About Us

With over 30 years in the telecom industry we offer a wide range of consulting services for developing and deploying a broad range of network solutions for many telecom carriers and service providers for all of their telecom needs and projects for voice, data, and wireless.

What we do is telecom and wireless technology consulting. Strategy, planning, operations, and audits of new or existing telecom providers is our space in the telecom world.

By approaching each customer as a partner, with a vested interest in the success and development of the key objectives and drivers of the business, is where we can achieve win-win situations.

Network Deployment 100%
100% Complete
Management Consulting 100%
100% Complete
Business Operations 100%
100% Complete
Network Engineering 90%
90% Complete
Technology Planning

With the explosive growth in demand for faster and unique data services and offerings, the differentiation and effective introduction, management, and operations of these technologies are key to success. We can help operators achieve these goals.

Project Scope Verification

Overview and analysis of existing and proposed Project Scopes and Change Management, and assessment of best practices and total quality management to increase project efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk Management

Know where your risks are and mitigate chances of unplanned delays, costs overruns, and resource shortages before they become a red flag.

Due Diligence Services

When faced with an M&A opportunity or preparing for an important audit, out team can help gather the information needed and provide informed assessments.

Mercado Consulting has extensive experience throughout the Americas.

Wherever and whenever we are needed...

Why Choose Us

Telecom Background

Understanding Telecom, where it has been, and where it is going is at the center of our expertise.

Customer Focused

Working with our customers to make them successful and providing the best service possible is our mantra.


We understand that time is money and we do not waste our customers time and we get to work quickly.


We know the Telecom business and we use that knowledge to develop and implement strategic direction.


We support our customers and stand behind our work well beyond the end of the project.

We make it work

We will integrate with your existing team and roll up our sleeves to maximize all resources available.


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